What is the real symbol of freedom from disturbance?

Symbol of Freedom from Disturbance

I was looking at what people are searching these days on Google. And I found that people are searching for this – symbol of freedom from disturbance. And I was wondering what does this mean. On one hand, people make a whole lot mess when it comes to symbols. Some say that it is these symbols that divide people in name of religion. Some say these symbols are very easy to wear and with them people fool others by showing off false authority of some kind. On the other hand more people in the world are trying to find newer ways to raise more of this symbolism.

Well why does one need a symbol to represent freedom from disturbance? Is it because they are really very disturbed, I mean to a ridiculous level, so that they don’t want people to know that they really are disturbed or just by using a symbol they want to convey others that they are free from disturbance. Is there any other use of it? Or they want to put that symbol on to walls of their bedrooms and gaze on it day and night and believe that staring on that symbol will promote freedom from disturbance in their lives? I mean this is insane.

Whatever may be the case, at my level of understanding I cannot say much in support of physical symbols. Yes physical symbols are helpful for beginners. That is why we have so many symbols in Hinduism, previously known as Sanatan Dharma. But, you do have to discard all physical symbols for progressing beyond a certain point. You know, everything in this world creates attachment. Be it good or bad. So, if you really need a symbol, I will suggest you to look at smile as that symbol.

Isn’t it true? When one is really free from disturbance, this is what becomes apparent - a slight smile on the person’s face, glitter in his eyes, warmth of the heart. If you want to fill your room with that symbol or wear it for constant remembrance, you can use a smiley and keep that with you. But you must understand when you use symbols, you have to understand the reality which it signifies and you must appreciate that reality every time you look at that symbol. That is only going to give you the real benefit of using that symbol.

Don’t we see how some people look at statues of deities and find is just a structure of clay or stone while a devotee sees the same idol and gets emotional. This is just because that devotee sees something else in that idol. He sees what it actually is meant to signify. Still, I consider you better if you don’t need any symbol to connect with things that you want yourself to align with. Really, just having that smile and glitter on your face and eyes respectively is the biggest symbol of you being free from disturbance that any other physical symbol. And yes, when I say you’re better if you don’t need symbol. I do mean that you must have the same emotional connect with the subject as that of the devotee who uses a symbol. If you don’t have it, perhaps you need that symbol.


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