Human Interaction And How Much Is Good?

Human Interaction And How Much Is Good?

Human interaction is a very essential part of the society. Just like anything else, it can also have both rewarding and devastating effects. Let's try to understand how.

To make all our interactions as effective as possible, there are certain rules that we need to follow. The are as follows:

1. Being a good listener: We can only give appropriate feedback if we listen to the speaker actively.
2. Empathy: It is important to understand the situation by visualizing ourselves in speaker's place to emotionally connect with the speaker.
3. Clarity: We must be clear of what we need to communicate. Mostly we ourselves keep trying to figure out what is the actual statement that needs to be communicated while we talk. This makes the whole conversation uneffective.
4. Language: Selection of words are very important. Words and expressions should be easily understandable and should not create any confusion.
5. Brief: We should keep our talks short. Long talks make people bored and seem to lack seriousness.

Now these rules if followed, help us to make people come to us and talk with us. Just because they feel that they are understood, and they have all the time to tell all that they have to tell.

But, we always take up something from everything. Every interaction make us build some impressions on others and more importantly on ourselves.

Now there are two kinds of people: Introverts and Extroverts. By nature introverts don't talk much. They don't talk about what is required as well. And extroverts talk a lot. The talk about what is not required as well. Obviously non is an ideal situation.

When we interact with people we normally take up their ideas, their thought process, their way of speaking and much more. It is very hard to be completely unaffected of something even after being into if for a reasonable time. Not everybody of us is a master of mind.

So, we need to discriminate. We must first understand how strong are we ourselves before exposing ourselves to potentially harmful circumstances. Just like we keep small children away from sharp objects but don't mind if a grown up person picks such thing up. We need to understand whether we are grown up in terms of understanding and administering our thoughts and actions or are we still struggling.

If we think that we are influenced easily. We must choose our interactions wisely. If we are not that strong that we can resist those things at their best move, let's not allow them to make their best move at all. Not all students are allowed to represent school in an inter-school quiz competition.

Those who has mastered the art of being unaffected by anything pretty or ugly, can dive into mud and make the lotus blossom. Not everyone.



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