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Pranayama : 6 Easy and Most Effective Techniques Step by Step

What is pranayama? Pranayama is the art of regulated breathing. Pranayama was taught as the 4th limb of Ashtanga Yoga by the great sage Patanjali. Proper breathing habits promote physical, mental and social well being of a person and prepare him for next stage of advancement. Pranayama leads to freedom from clinging onto material desires and helps cultivate peace in life. Several researchers have reported that pranayama techniques are beneficial in treating a range of stress-related disorders.

How to do pranayama? There are many techniques of pranayama taught by sage Patanjali.  Out of those, today we are about to learn 6 most effective and easy techniques. We can easily practice these techniques at home regularly to get utmost benefit of it. To do these pranayamas, sit in most comfortable posture with your spine erect and body relaxed.

1. Bhastrika Pranayama: Bhastrika pranayama is simply deep breathing.

Sit in the most comfortable posture with your spine erect and body relaxed.Place …

What is Yoga? How Many Types of Yoga are There?

What is yoga? As commonly understood.
Today people mostly think of yoga as just a kind of aerobic exercise. This is because most of people have got many health benefits from yoga. When you know, what is yoga? You understand that health benefits are just preliminary effects of yoga.
What is Yoga Actually?
Yoga means to unite. Yoga is the practice of uniting our conscience to universal conscience. For theists, it is the practice of uniting a soul to the God. What is yoga can actually only be explained by a siddha yogi (a practitioner of yoga who has reached the state of union), in terms of what that final union feels like. But, talking about just the method, it is the path that a yogi follows.
Yoga as the practice is a discipline which when followed by someone properly aligns his mind, body and soul with each other to promote physical, social and spiritual well-being of the person and enables the person to withstand the intense experience of enlightenment. What is yoga can be realized …

What is the real symbol of freedom from disturbance?

I was looking at what people are searching these days on Google. And I found that people are searching for this – symbol of freedom from disturbance. And I was wondering what does this mean. On one hand, people make a whole lot mess when it comes to symbols. Some say that it is these symbols that divide people in name of religion. Some say these symbols are very easy to wear and with them people fool others by showing off false authority of some kind. On the other hand more people in the world are trying to find newer ways to raise more of this symbolism.

Well why does one need a symbol to represent freedom from disturbance? Is it because they are really very disturbed, I mean to a ridiculous level, so that they don’t want people to know that they really are disturbed or just by using a symbol they want to convey others that they are free from disturbance. Is there any other use of it? Or they want to put that symbol on to walls of their bedrooms and gaze on it day and night and beli…

The Song Divine (The Bhagavadgītā) Chapter II Sāṅkhyayoga

Sanjaya said: Sri Krsna then addressed the following words to Arjuna, who was, as mentioned before, overwhelmed with pity, whose eyes were filled with tears and agitated, and who was full of sorrow. (1)

Śrī Bhagavān said: Arjuna, how has this infatuation overtaken you at this odd hour? It is shunned by noble souls; neither will it bring heaven, nor fame to you. (2)

Yield not to unmanliness, Arjuna; this does not become you. Shaking off this base faint-heartedness stand-up, O scorcher of enemies. (3)

Arjuna said: How Krsna, shall I fight Bhisma and Drona with arrows on the battlefield? They are worthy of deepest reverence, O destroyer of foes. (4)

It is better to live on alms in this world by not slaying these noble elders, because even after killing them we shall after all enjoy only bloodstained pleasures in the form of wealth and sense-enjoyments. (5)

We do not even know which is preferable for us - to fight or not to fight; nor do we know whether we shall win or whether they will …

Human Interaction And How Much Is Good?

Human interaction is a very essential part of the society. Just like anything else, it can also have both rewarding and devastating effects. Let's try to understand how.

To make all our interactions as effective as possible, there are certain rules that we need to follow. The are as follows:

1. Being a good listener: We can only give appropriate feedback if we listen to the speaker actively.
2. Empathy: It is important to understand the situation by visualizing ourselves in speaker's place to emotionally connect with the speaker.
3. Clarity: We must be clear of what we need to communicate. Mostly we ourselves keep trying to figure out what is the actual statement that needs to be communicated while we talk. This makes the whole conversation uneffective.
4. Language: Selection of words are very important. Words and expressions should be easily understandable and should not create any confusion.
5. Brief: We should keep our talks short. Long talks make people bored and seem to …