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The Song Divine (The Bhagavadgītā) Chapter IV The Yoga of Knowledge as well as the disciplines of Action and Knowledge

Śrī Bhagavān said: I revealed this immortal Yoga to Vivasvān; Vivasvān conveyed it to Manu; and Manu imparted it to Ikṣvāku. (1)

Thus transmitted in succession from father to son, Arjuna, this Yoga remained known to the Rājarṣis. Through long lapse of time, this Yoga got lost to the world. (2)

The same ancient Yoga, which is the supreme secret, has this day been imparted to you by Me, because you are My devotee and friend. (3)

Arjuna said: You are of recent origin, while the birth of Vivasvān dates back to remote antiquity. How, then am I to believe that You imparted this Yoga at the beginning of the creation? (4)

Śrī Bhagavān said: Arjuna, you and I have passed through many births; I remember them all; you do not remember, O chastiser of foes. (5)

Though birth-less and immortal and the Lord of all beings, I manifest Myself through My own Yogamaya, keeping My nature under control. (6)

Arjuna, whenever righteousness is on the decline, unrighteousness is in the ascendant, then I body M…

The Song Divine (The Bhagavadgītā) Chapter III Karmayogā, or the Yoga of Action

Arjuna said: Kṛṣṇa, if You consider Knowledge as superior to Action, why then do You urge me to this dreadful action, Keśava! (1)

You are, as it were, puzzling my mind by these seemingly conflicting expressions; therefore, tell me the one definite discipline by which I may obtain the highest good. (2)

Śrī Bhagavān said: Arjuna, in this world two courses of Sādhanā have been enunciated by Me in the past. In the case of the Sāṅkhyayogī, the Sādhanā proceeds along the path of Knowledge; whereas in the case of the Karmayogī, it proceeds along the path of Action. (3)

Man does not attain freedom from action without entering upon action; nor does he reach perfection merely by ceasing to act. (4)

Surely, none can ever remain inactive even for a moment; for, everyone is helplessly driven to action by modes of Prakṛti. (5)

He who outwardly restraining the organs of sense and action, sits mentally dwelling on the objects of senses, that man of deluded intellect is called a hypocrite. (6)

On the…

The Song Divine (The Bhagavadgītā) Chapter I The Yoga of Dejection of Arjuna

Dhrtarastra said: Sanjaya, gathered on the holy land of Kuruksetra, eager to fight, what did my sons and the sons of Pandu do? (1)

Sanjaya said: At that time, seeing the army of the Pandavas drawn up for battle and approaching Dronacarya, King Duryodhana spoke the following words: (2)

Behold, O Revered Master, the mighty army of the sons of Pandu arrayed for battle by your talented pupil, Dhrstadyumna, son of Drupada. (3)

There are in this army, heroes wielding mighty bows and equal in military prowess to Bhima and Arjuna - Satyaki and Virata and the Maharathi Drupada; Dhrstaketu, Cekitana and the valiant King of Kasi, and Purujit, Kuntibhoja, and Saibya, the best of men, and mighty Yudhamanyu, and valiant Uttamauja, Abhimanyu, the son of Subhadra, and the five sons of Draupadi - all of them Maharathis. (4 - 6)

O best of Brahmanas, know them also who are the principal warriors on our side - the generals of my army. For your information I mention them. (7)

"Yourself and Bhisma an…

Food For Soul Part 4

This is a collection of updates from facebook page of Religion2God. If you have already liked the page, you have already read these messages in parts, now read them all at once and see what have you gained during last few weeks.

As water takes various shapes depending upon the geometry of the container similarly the soul shows various tendencies depending upon the bodies it acquire. In the core, it is all the way same. This feel of Oneness is the core of Advaita Philosophy and the root of universal brotherhood.If this world appears too charming and engaging to you, you cannot even think of how charming and engaging its Creator Himself is.Everyone needs to start from somewhere sometime. If you haven't started yet, your time is now.When you surrender yourself to Him, He takes care of all your needs. Be sure of it.What you see all around you is just a reflection of your own thoughts and prejudice. Remove the glasses of expectations to see the reality.It's important to understand y…

Food For Soul Part 3

This is a collection of updates from facebook page of Religion2God. If you have already liked the page, you have already read these messages in parts, now read them all at once and see what have you gained during last few weeks.

As your view widens when you climb up on a high building so does your understanding when you sore high spiritually.If you too aren't ready to listen to the person who isn't willing to listen to you. What's the difference between both of you?If you are indifferent to everything; you are free, you are liberated; which you actually are.Everything that appears contradictory is actually complimentary.If you can love everyone like your family member, you are sure to find your family members everywhere.Only one, who can put off his own viewpoint, can see through others.If you are too strict, you are prone to break.Feel sorry for those whom you hurt. This will help them to love you.Work with the sense of duty for pleasing the Lord. As any other motive of…