Saturday, November 30, 2013

How To Make The Day Memorable?

Memorable Day

Well this is not a tutorial instead a question that I want to ask you on the day of completion of 2 years of service of Religion2God. Religion2God aims to lead to the Highest (the God) which is symbolized by the ladder in its logo.

Recently someone asked me that how can I claim that He is the Highest. Actually, it is not my sole claim that He is the Highest but also the conclusion of the experiences of renowned saints of past. Apart from this highly valued scriptures also declare the same. Above all the God Himself explains to us the same out of affection.

Now another question that may emerge in your mind is that how can you believe on a book. I agree that your doubt is reasonable if I ask you to believe on all the books that are published every day but this is not about ordinary literary works but about well acclaimed standard texts.

In every branch of science there are some standard books that you need to follow for better understanding. You need to take those texts as true because they are verified observations of many scholars. For example in Chemical Engineering, you need to refer a book called Perry’s Handbook for Chemical Engineers whose data is needed for solving various design problems. You can’t question it.

Scriptures are also similar compilation of observation of great saints of ancient times. You can’t question them as well. Statements from such texts are a kind of proof. We call it reference. In Hindi it is known as Shabda Pramaan (Proof by Texts).

So, I invite your ideas that go parallel with the motto of Religion2God, leading to the Highest. Tell me what do you want Religion2God to do that you think can really help you and others to understand spirituality much better.

Another issue that I wanted to discuss is the credibility of speech. These days’ people have started giving a lot of unmindful, illogical and sometimes even shameful statements. It may appear funny to them but the vibrations that are created with such acts never die and affect adversely.

I appeal all of you that just try to speak what is right to your knowledge and understanding. It’s ok if you crack jokes but they should have their limit as well. It just shows the lack of rational thinking approach of a person when he talks useless, illogical and irrelevant things.

Your words are the parameters to measure your credibility, your trustworthiness. If you keep on talking futile, people start taking your words lightly and you will lose your ability to win attention of others in no time. Try to be as much close to logic and reality as much as possible.

In regard of speech, there is a story that my teacher Mr. Deepak Auddy used to tell us. There is an island where people are almost unaware of all the technological advancements that we use in our daily life. When they need firewood, they just gather near a big tree and start abusing it. By the evening the tree dies and they get the firewood. The story depicts the power of speech. So, it is very important to be cautious of what we speak.

Religion2God presents to you its new logo today. Please tell us your comments about its new logo.

Well that’s all for today. Do share your views and suggestions. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you. Thanks a lot. Have a good time.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to Investigate Your Spiritual Essence?

Investigate Spiritual Essence

Investigating our spiritual essence is the most important work we have because with the understanding of our spiritual nature we are no more bullied by the glamour of the world. The mind comes totally under our control and we become able to do whatever is required all in proper fashion.

Here I present before you few activities that can help you discover your spiritual reality. If you don’t eat, you will never know its taste. So, it’s important to practice them in order to know how they work. Even if you don’t believe that there is anything called spiritual, just give these things a sincere try for few months and I am damn sure you will be changed.

OK here we go.
  1. Meditate: Meditation is not that tough for beginners as it is generally talked about. Just sit in a quiet and clean place in the most comfortable posture keeping your backbone straight and eyes gently closed. That’s it. Practice this thrice a day for at least 10 minutes during each sitting.
  2. Be Peaceful: Maintaining peace of mind is just the matter of keeping silent in the beginning. Just stop useless talk and develop a habit of listening carefully to things. This will help you expand your awareness. Just keep smiling.
  3. Follow 10 Rules: See the image in this post. Print this and get it stuck on your bedrooms wall. Try to follow them as far as possible.
  4. Read Biography of Spiritual Giants: Life of Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Raman Maharishi and other such people really help a lot to keep you going and help you find a perfect ideal for your life.
  5. Manage Work and Time: Have a daily plan of what to do and when to do. This helps you keep going smoothly without being swayed up by anything.
  6. Discuss: Discuss with others what you discover and what you want to know from them. Never just keep it up to yourself. If the person knows you will learn and if he doesn't then he will learn.

I think this much is enough for now. Please feel free to ask any thing you want to get clarified about the post or any other thing that you think I shall be able to help with. I will be obliged to answer you comments.

I hope you will come back after few months as well to this post and share with us the wonderful story of your spiritual journey. I am dying to hear the same from you.

Till then, thanks for reading. I am waiting for your comments. Good luck.