Saturday, September 14, 2013

What Exists And What Not?

Reality of Existence

Existence has been a very widely discussed topic from times immemorial. It is because, our understanding of what exists and what not helps us to understand that what our actions and efforts should be directed towards. If we long for something that never actually existed, we are sure to land among despair. Only one whose efforts are oriented towards the true existence is worthy of achieving peace and happiness.

A child starts crying loud if it’s lovely necklace, which it has got from somewhere and now uses it for its childish game, gets separated into beads. It assumes the necklace as an independent existence. It doesn't know that those small beads are the one that combine to make up its lovely toy. Then its parent again fixes it and the child get surprised and happy again to get back its cradle. The parent doesn't get worried about breaking of the thread, because he sees those beads as the core of the existence of the necklace.

The notion is that the parent sees beads as the core of the existence of the necklace and remains happier whereas the child takes the necklace as an independent existence and gets entangled in sorrow now and then. Similarly, the parent also finds him helpless if beads break into pieces but the manufacturer recycles tons of such broken beads daily. So, the parent feels helpless because he takes those beads as individual existence but the manufacturer understands the compound of it as the core of its existence.

So, what can be seen in the above example is that as you start seeing finer forms of existence you have a more permanent form of existence to cling to. This is how one can find his way to absolute existence. In spiritual world, only things with absolute existence are treated as true and it is tried to focus all efforts towards that absolute existence.

The modern science defines mass and energy as two basic forms of existence, which can be considered one as they are inter-convertible. This is not different from spiritual concept of existence. Spiritually, the Energy is the core of existence. But the forms of energy that modern science has discovered yet are very lower forms of the Energy of which spiritualists talk. The Energy manifests matter or mass with an infinitesimally small part of it and then with another infinitesimally small part of energy mingles with the newly formed mass to bring forth the manifold universe.

So, everything is just the manifestation of that Energy. The Energy keeps on changing its forms and this makes everything else temporary and the Energy itself is only permanent. This is the reason why it is also said that the Energy only exists and everything else is transitory like a dream and is unreal.

The Energy of which is being discussed is an uninterrupted infinite eternal field of consciousness. All forms of energy and matter that are perceptible to physical senses are lower forms of its manifestation or you can say very gross forms. The Finer and Absolute form of it is what is termed as the God or the Self.

As per modern science, some quarks and strings make up atoms that combine to make up molecules. Those molecules combine to form cells and then those cells in turn combine to form tissues and so on and on. If one investigates more and tries to find the forms finer than those quarks and strings, it is possible that after discovery of another dozens of finer forms the modern science would finally understand what the finest form of existence is.

Finally let me tell you the secret of being happy, cling to that very finest form of existence as it alone is permanent and the core of all existences.