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What Exists And What Not?

Existence has been a very widely discussed topic from times immemorial. It is because, our understanding of what exists and what not helps us to understand that what our actions and efforts should be directed towards. If we long for something that never actually existed, we are sure to land among despair. Only one whose efforts are oriented towards the true existence is worthy of achieving peace and happiness.

A child starts crying loud if it’s lovely necklace, which it has got from somewhere and now uses it for its childish game, gets separated into beads. It assumes the necklace as an independent existence. It doesn't know that those small beads are the one that combine to make up its lovely toy. Then its parent again fixes it and the child get surprised and happy again to get back its cradle. The parent doesn't get worried about breaking of the thread, because he sees those beads as the core of the existence of the necklace.

The notion is that the parent sees beads as the …