Saturday, July 27, 2013

Food For Soul Part 2

This is a collection of updates from facebook page of Religion2God. If you have already liked the page, you have already read these messages in parts, now read them all at once and see what have you gained during last few weeks.

Food for Soul

  • Put some good thought daily into your mind.
  • Finding your weaknesses help you to get rid of them.
  • Do we really know ourselves?
  • Everybody finds himself/herself correct from his/her point of view. But all are seldom correct.
  • Religion is your true nature, your true duty, the righteousness and nothing else.
  • Don't think a lot about what you don't have. Think of the ways you can effectively use those things that you already hold.
  • Your mind is fooling you. Don't give it too much importance.
  • The Lord, isn't a businessman. He doesn't want your deals but your faith in Him. The Lord, isn't a businessman.
  • Develop control over your mind because it is the source of all your sorrow as well as the key to peace.
  • The God needs no publicity.
  • You alone are responsible for what you are and what you will be.
  • Understand that you always hold complete authority to make decisions about your acts.
  • Most of the time, your environment controls you. Recognize the trap of environment.
  • Anger and violence are only appreciated when they are used for good cause with no other option available. Otherwise it is merely foolishness.
  • With a good work ahead, think it as the last opportunity. With a temptation ahead, think yourself freed from it.
  • To get access to your mind, first gain control on your body.
  • Be the love, be the power, be the truth, be the knowledge and be the bliss.
  • It's time to act.
  • If you see yourself at zero, let's get started with one. If not, there surely is the next.
  • Nothing and no-one can change you, only you yourself can.
  • The world is full up of distractions. One who remains focused among there, is the real winner.
  • May the world love everyone. May I love everyone. Love is God.
  • Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Pure emotions never hurt anyone, what hurts all is emotions contaminated with selfishness.
  • You are present in all beings as pure consciousness. How can I hate anyone?
  • You are truth absolute, knowledge absolute and bliss absolute. There is nothing better or equal to you.
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Food For Soul Part 1

This is a collection of updates from facebook page of Religion2God. If you have already liked the page, you have already read these messages in parts, now read them all at once and see what have you gained during last few weeks.

Food for Soul

  • Be a witness and get free from all the miseries due to attachments with actions.
  • What looks impossible to you today will be easy for you when you will have a certain state.
  • All your miseries are due to your myth of being the body and the mind.
  • Don't get lost in the city of mysteries. Just try to solve your favorite one and all other will also be solved automatically.
  • Always keep the highest ideal before yourself without any allowances then only you can progress.
  • You already know everything required, now you just need to follow what you already know.
  • Change is the law of nature. But, what kind of change it should be is up to you.
  • Mistakes are done by all, but those who can recognize their mistakes can only get rid of them.
  • You are not omnipotent. Dispose your false ego.
  • Control your notorious mind and try to fix it on one point. This is the first exercise towards liberation.
  • Take small steps towards your goal. On preservance of it, you will see big difference in long run.
  • Put off all your secondary activities and resort to your basic duties to experience freedom and bliss.
  • Try to be in meditative mood always. Experience yourself as a soul.
  • Learn the art of non-thinking and practice experiencing thoughtlessness.
  • Keep your view point flexible to be able to understand the reality.
  • Identify what do you actually need to know for your evolution and pay attention to it alone.
  • Spirituality breaths with experiences. A momentary experience is worth lifetime of reading, writing and talking.
  • Even 10 mins of meditation thrice a day can bring big difference. Continuity is the key.
  • You need to take small steps for evolution but yes you need to follow those steps regularly.
  • Meditation helps you feel your real identity. Trying to maintain the feel throughout the day elevates you spiritually.
  • Regular and long term effort making is the key to success.
  • Purify yourself and you will find yourself closer to the God.
  • The God is the most mysterious truth of this cosmos. Even a complete lifetime is short for solving this mystery.
  • God is one. But He does possess numerous names and forms.
  • Religious rituals should be practiced with knowledge of its significance. Otherwise, it becomes superstition.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Path To Success

Path to Success

To achieve anything one has to devote him/her self completely to that work. Without devotion nothing can be achieved. In case of spirituality, to experience the Lord, one has to continuously think of Him, to experience bliss; one has to be continuously happy. To experience nothingness, one has to be thoughtless continuously. To experience peace, one has to be calm always. Only a short period of meditation cannot help without development of the habit of maintenance of the meditative mood always.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quest Part 4


Q31: Why do we get involved in wrong activities even after knowing that it should be avoided? What does force us to do so?

A31: It is the temptation due to ignorance. Most of the ill things look charming at first and their ill effects are observed later. Similarly, good things appear dull at first and their benefits appear after a period.

Q32: How are impressions harmful to us?

A32: We mostly work according to our impressions alone. We, the real Self, do not play any active role in it. These impressions can be understood as a wall which doesn't allow soul to establish connection with the intellect. In case we become free of impressions, our intellect will be illuminated by the knowledge of soul.

Q33: How can one get rid of impressions and establish connection between soul and intellect?

A33: When we perform our assigned work, and follow the path of righteousness to perform our duties alone, no more impressions are created and we gradually become free from them.

Q34: It is very hard to meditate. Mind does not become steady even on repeated attempts.

A34: The mind automatically enters into the state of meditation on regular practice. You don't need to do that forcefully. Just give it time.

Q35: The whole world is destructible. Even the body is destructible. Then where does the life element exist?

A35: The real life is in the form of the soul. Even the soul is all pervasive. It is indestructible.

Q36: Why has understanding of self-realization become this hard today?

A36: It has become a bit tougher today due to increased distractions and depleted education systems.

Q37: Is righteousness endangered?

A37: Righteousness is never endangered as the Lord Himself beholds it.

Q38: What are the differences between lust and love?

A38: Both are entirely different. Lust arises out of ignorance where as love arises out of pure knowledge. Lust is dependent on the attributes of an object where is love is independent. Lust is temporary while love is eternal.

Q39: How to distinguish between lust and love?

A39: If you are derived towards something to fulfill your own selfish motive, it is lust. And if you, are able to serve effortless without any selfish motive, it is love.

Q40: What is spirituality?

A40: Spirituality is the science of spirit.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quest Part 3


Q21: Does the God exist everywhere?

A21: Yes.

Q22: How can we say this? To assume and to be are two different things. People may believe but how is this possible?

A22: We haven't created anything in this world completely. Creation must contain some part of the creator. Therefore we can say that air, water, fire, land, sky or anything created using these bears the mark of God.

Q23: Can a person see beyond time frames?

A23: Yes, the God knows everything. And when somebody unifies himself with the God, he too gains the ability to see beyond time frames.

Q24: What is the form of God?

A24: In whatever form you want to see.

Q25: It is said that the God is in you. Don't search Him outside. What does this statement mean? Introspection helps to understand your true self, to understand your immense potential. But the God is in me. It's a bit confusing!

A25: The life element inside you, works due to the presence of God Himself. Meditate. Recognise your true identity. You are not this body. This body is just your instrument. You are a Soul, the master of mind, intellect and body. You will be able to experience this truth through contemplation and will be able to be free from ignorance.

Q26: If it's so, then how can we (part of the God) be wrong? Why isn't the mind free of evil? Why does it run behind material world?

A26: We are pure. Tendencies of mind are outcomes of effects of our own actions. Whatever you do, is not done with Self-consciousness or Self-intuition. But, they are forced upon you by impression on your mind. These impressions are effects of our actions.

Q27: What is the need of controlling the mind?

A27: If you don't control your mind, it will continue to create impressions and you will never be able to understand your true identity.

Q28: Why doesn't the God help us in controlling our minds?

A28: Since, you yourself have created this state. You alone will have to try to get out of it.

Q29: What do you mean by impressions? How is the mind controlled by these impressions?

A29: When you do something, it leaves its experiences as impressions on you. Then next time, on proper situation, these impressions provoke you to repeat that activity. In this way, these impressions become grosser and ultimately becomes your habit.

Q30: Why does our will power weaken instead of being strong in such situations? What controls our will power?

A30: The level of impressions that we bear controls our will power. Lesser the grossness of impressions on your mind, stronger is you will power.

Quest Part 2

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q11: What is His source? Everything in this planet or in this universe has a reason. There must be one for God too.

A11: God is the Source of all sources. There is no source of Him. Everything needs a firm base to exist. God serves as the foundation of the whole cosmos. God is Perfect. He holds all the attributes of this world, yet He is very different from everything. Therefore it is not necessary that there should be a source of Him. He emerges from Himself and dissolves back into His own Self.

Q12: Even if one doesn't believe on the God, he does know that the God symbolizes truth and goodness. What is the symbol of evil?

A12: Ignorance symbolizes evil.

Q13: Where does evil take us to?

A13: Evil takes us to destruction.

Q14: What is the goal of life? There must be one.

A14: Aim of life is purification.

Q15: I can't understand your words, as brain needs reasons to accept. I do not understand the meaning of God.

A15: Spirituality is not understood by brain but by experiences. The God is the most mysterious truth of this world. It even requires a whole life commitment to reveal this mystery.

Q16: What kind of experiences?

A16: Initially experiences remain very subtle, they grow deeper with passing time and increasing sensitivity.

Q17: If the God is that good, He should have made a good place and good living beings. Where has evil crept in from?

A17: The God didn't make anything wrong. Evil is within us. He has also provided everything that we need for purification.

Q18: What kind of activities can take us nearer to the God?

A18: Assigned activities. Means following duties and righteousness is the way to the God.

Q19: What is the true source of the knowledge of righteousness?

A19: Sacred scriptures and meditation.

Q20: If a person wants to reach the God, if he has left ill activities and now follows righteousness. Does he hold the right to God-realization?

A20: Yes, one needs to be free from effects of actions to reach God.

Quest Part 1

Quest is the series of posts that has been derived from discussions with my friends through facebook chat. They have asked a wide range of questions comprising different aspects of spirituality. I decided to post them on the blog for public reference as I expect these questions to be very common to every spiritual aspirant. I hope you will be greatly benefited from this series of posts. I thank my dear friends for putting his questions and understanding innocently before me.

Frequently Asked Question And Their Answers
Frequently Asked Question And Their Answers

Q1: Spirituality is a fathomless ocean. Has anybody ever reached its zenith?

A1: Spirituality ends in God-realization. Many have reached this state in past.

Q2: What is the importance of spirituality in life?

A2: It is hard to explain, what the importance of this topic is. But, I can say that after encountering with it, I felt it as the most important thing to know. This is complete knowledge. Everything is in it. Everything is from it.

Q3: Can we see God by exactly following them (persons who have realized God in past)?

A3: Of course, but following doesn't mean trying to replicate them but trying to follow the path they have shown us through their teachings.

Q4: I have two concepts of the creation. One says that the whole cosmos is generated by Brahma. But, according to science it is different.

A4: Both are correct. The only mistake science makes is that it considers its knowledge as complete in spite of existence of numerous mysteries that are unexplained by science.

Q5: Even if I assume that the world was created by Brahma, isn't it wrong to credit a Hindu god for the creation of the whole universe? Other religions also have their gods.

A5: There is nothing like Hindu god or Muslim god or anything such. The God is One. Only names differ. Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Mahavira, Jesus all are same.

Q6: All the names written above are of humans. Then why are they regarded as God?

A6: These great beings have acquired this state by their hard labour. When someone reaches the state of God-realization, he becomes almost equivalent to the God and only the limitations of physical body remains with them.

Q7: What is the birth cycle?

A7: Death after birth followed by another birth forms a continuous cycle, known as the cycle of birth and death.

Q8: Do effects of actions follow in the same cycle or can even be carried over to next?

A8: Both are possible.

Q9: Is it necessary that the person will suffer due to his wrong deeds? If the man changes himself then do the effects of ill activities get nullified?

A9: Effects of actions do follow. This is like an arrow shot from a bow that can't be stopped. Good and bad actions do not nullify each other's effects. Both are awarded separately.

Q10: Why does God exist?

A10: God is the Reason of all reasons. There is no reason for his existence. He exists therefore everything else exist. He exists to help us exist.