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My sister always says that I lack emotions. But, do you think it is possible? Even animals do not lack it. They show love, affection and care towards their offspring. They show a kind of unity at difficult times. Your pet always remains loyal to you once it decides to be so.

So, what is it that allows her to say so? It is the outcome of two things. First is the control over my emotions that I have built in last few years and the second is lack of her observational power. One can easily understand the emotional status of a person by noticing his/her decisions and daily minute activities. But everybody cannot bear same level of alertness and observational and concluding abilities. So, I shall not write about that here but I would like to talk about emotional control.

It is not always required to climb high onto the cliff of a mountain to announce what you think. One must develop a good control over his/her emotions in order to act wisely in different situations as emotions can both be …