Monday, December 31, 2012

Do The New

As New Year is proceeding towards us we have started talking about resolutions. Resolutions are great way to bring positive changes in our lives. But resolutions alone cannot do. Haven’t we taken resolutions earlier? Aren’t we bound to take the same resolution again and again? So what is the reason of our failure? Resolutions we take, are a kind of goal we set for ourselves but we forget to adopt effective strategy to achieve it. So today we will talk about some sure shot ways to bring joy and satisfaction in our life through achievements we want.

Though I am presenting this on the occasion of New Year, these are equally effective and applicable any time. So here are some points that I hope will be helpful:

  • Identify yourself: It is very important to identify your true self, as all your activities, in one way or another, are related with your personality. Without answering questions like, “Who am I?”, “What significance my existence holds in this cosmic existence?” no person has become great, as without having these answers none can justify his/her existence.
  • Identify Your Goal: Next thing is to identify your goal. What is the aim of your life? What are your duties? What do you need to do to exercise your duties properly? This will help you to simplify your life by cutting out many of your activities that uselessly take charge of most of your time?
  • Identify Your Priority: You may have many things to do. But what should be done right now and cannot be done later should be given the priority. The work that is not only important but also at verge of its deadline should be given priority. Everything has its own importance, so we need to discriminate on the basis of what is the need of the hour.
  • Follow A Routine: Following a routine probably is the most difficult part. But it is equally helpful too. A routine keeps you focused. It does not allow you to flow in the turbulent waves of like and attachments and helps you to keep sailing towards your destinations continuously. Also your routine should be based on achieving small goal and not based strictly on time. Of course, should be time based but not that strictly.
  • Meditate: Following a routine is very important but it is equally hectic too. So, adopt a habit of meditating twice or thrice every day. This will help you to remain connected with your real self in the course of this hectic scheduled run of life. Meditation will keep your real self alive, cheerful and happy.

So, I hope you might have enjoyed the post and also bring the above points into exercise to draw some real benefits out of it. I am eager to know your thoughts, as usual, so please do leave a comment. Wish you a very happy new year.??


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Solve All Your Problems, Using Your Sub-Conscious Mind

Sub Conscious Mind

You are repeatedly trying to solve a mathematical problem, again and again. You fail every time. You leave it and go for other work. Suddenly while working an idea popped into your mind and you try to solve the same problem back using the new idea. And hurray! It is solved.

What would you call this? Many call this the sixth sense or intuition. But I want to present another way to look upon this.

When you repeatedly try to solve the problem, it creates some impressions on your mind and reaches up to your subconscious. Even when you leave the problem, your sub-conscious mind keeps on thinking for ways to solve the problem. And it suddenly comes up with a possible solution that you haven’t given a try.

Now, if it is your own mind then why couldn’t you solve it when you where trying again and again to solve that problem. It is because, of your ego. Yes, this is also a subtle manifestation of ego itself. When your conscious mind i.e., you, keep on trying to solve the problem your sub-conscious do helps you but do not interrupts. You just frame an idea of the way to solve the problem and keep striving to solve it that way. You unknowingly cut off many possibilities.

Your sub-conscious mind is devoid of the manifestations of ego. Ego manifests itself only on the upper surface i.e., your conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind performs tasks by taking them as duties and your conscious mind; egoistically you, do not have to worry about them. Some of such activities are breathing, balancing body weight while walking or standing etc.

So, to take complete advantage of our mental abilities, one thing that we can do is to put off our ego and allow our sub-conscious mind to interact freely with our conscious mind. Our sub-conscious mind is very shy and only comes up when we remain still, such as deep sleep in the form of dreams. Meditation helps us to stabilize our conscious mind providing our sub-conscious mind suitable conditions to interact.

This, if brought into practice can help you solve many of your problems, not only mathematical but also problems related to any aspect of your life. I hope, I was able to present my views properly before you. Please do post your views on this article. I will be delighted to know what you think and how you think.

Thanks a lot.