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Enlightenment: Let’s Dig Deeper

Question: What is the state of mind of an enlightened person? Answer: Someone has very nicely described enlightenment as the feeling of 'having done'. After enlightenment one feels like he has nothing left to be done. His purpose in this world feels to be fulfilled. He remains in bliss. He does not feel any need of interrupting any event. He becomes a real observer and enjoys everything. The state of mind is beyond words. Question: Beyond…? Answer: Yes, beyond. Psychiatrists call this state the state of super-consciousness. At this state the consciousness expands to encompass the complete cosmos by uniting it with the eternal supreme consciousness. The mind starts losing its identity and thoughts get transformed into intuition. At that state whatever appears into the consciousness is truth. This is the state where profound doctrines of scriptures appear. Sometimes the person remains completely thoughtless experiencing the Zero and at the next moment consciousness deal with gigant…

How to Achieve Enlightenment?

How to achieve enlightenment?

Finally a post aiming at a topic that is most fascinating for believers and non-believers, followers and non-followers, practitioners and non-practitioners.

Enlightenment is looked upon as the end of all troubles by majority of mass. Hence there is a craze among people to achieve enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the state of pure and complete knowledge. This is a state where a person can see and understand everything without getting deluded by its appearance and modes of nature.

Enlightenment enables you to understand things in their true perspective but one must understand that it is not the end of sufferings. Sufferings that come to a person due to his ignorance are obviously cut off after getting enlightened but sufferings that are already assigned for him as a result of his own past activities will surely come to the person. The difference will be that this time the person even enjoys those sufferings.

Another big myth associated with enlightenment is…

Idol Worship

Idol worship is yet a topic of debate. The life of Swami Vivekananda demonstrates the deep insight into this topic.

Before meeting his master, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, he was a member of Brahmo Samaj. His initial beliefs were shaped by Brahmo concepts, which included belief in formless God and deprecation of the worship of idols.

But after meeting Sri Ramakrishna and seeing him spending hours sitting before the idol of Goddess Kali, he investigated the truth behind idol worship.

His investigation under the light of guidance of his guru Sri Ramakrishna enlightened him of the true meaning and importance of idol worship which he in turn taught to Maharaja of Khetri later.

When the king of Khetri heard of the growing fame of Swamiji, he called him to his court. Swamiji found that the king was against idol worship and considered those who follow idol worship inferior, he decided to change his view on this.

Swamiji asked one of the court men to bring down a big portrait of the king fro…

Religions Are Innocent

Today there is a very popular saying, “Religions divide and spirituality unites”. I have heard this sentence from some learned men as well.

Recently, I came across a statement in facebook in which the person had written that the religions keep on creating chaos and if they are not stopped it may lead to something that you can’t think of even.

A movie recently released also aims at religions stating that a religion either makes a man weak or a terrorist.

In today’s world we are surrounded by numerous luxuries. Today works can be done in amazingly small amount of time with even less implementation of effort. This is making us (with these things) more powerful and efficient and us (without these things) even more weak and lazy.

Today we do not have time to think about anything beyond our office and home. In such conditions, if a statement comes to us from whatever source it may come, that is easily accepted by us. It spreads as a jungle fire in the society. And if a statement has come f…