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Happy 66th Independence Day

On the occasion of 66th Independence Day of India, RELIGION2GOD wishes all of you a very very Happy Independence Day.
If you like the Independence Day Special Logo Of RELIGION2GOD, here it is in high resolution for your download.

How to Reach the Divine?

The prime question, that every spiritual seeker asks to him and the world every moment is, “How to reach the Divine?” Let us get some insight into the question and its answer.

What does this question mean?

To reach the Divine means to achieve oneness with Him. To achieve oneness with Him means to have to the Divine realization to the innermost core.

Now what is this realization?

The Divine realization is the state of being almost the same as the Divine. We have qualities similar to Him, such as purity and eternity. But, in many cases we are also different from Him, for example He is Omni-potent and is free from all bondages where as we are bound of our own actions. To achieve the Divine realization means to achieve a state as same as that of Divine by eliminating all this dissimilarities. If I want to understand you, I need to bear all your responsibilities, powers, environment and everything related to you. Then only I can understand your point of view and way of thinking and behaving…