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Values Of Life

This is an email which was sent to me few days back by one of my well-wishers Dr. Sudhakar Pande. I want to share this with all of you. I have just made some grammatical corrections before presenting it to you. You can find the actual script in the downloadable presentation below. All credit goes to the unknown.

Take some time out and read these beautiful words.
Later, reflect on what you have just read.
Surely you will understand a lot of things…

First Lesson

... After some months at the engineering college, the professor gave us a GK (General Knowledge) test.
Being a good student, I quickly answered all the questions… all, but the last: “What is the name of the sweeper of our institute?"

I handed over my test paper, leaving the last question unanswered. Just before the lesson ended, another student inquired if the last question would be marked.
“Certainly!” the professor replied. “You will meet many people in your life. All of them will have some degree of importance.

They w…

How To Remove Attachments?


What does the seeker do when the inner voice urge to cling to attachments?

Question's description:

All good things in life, they say, are either illegal-immoral or sexy. What does a seeker do when his hedonistic inner voice separate him from his highest spiritual aspiration and prevent from moving deeper into harmony with his spiritual goals?


Please understand that this inner urge is the urge of your mind and not Your's (Soul).

I understand your problem. This is the stage every seeker encounters. So, it is no exception. Every problem has a solution and if it has no solution then it is not a problem at all.
Here are few tips that can help you.

1. It is right that if you try to get away from something, it will start hounding you. So, instead of thinking of the things that you want to get rid of, just indulge yourself in activities like meditation and studying scriptures. Unentertained thoughts will automatically go. You will experience something higher, and yo…