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Improve Your Concentration, Understand Your Mind Faculties

Concentration and ways to develop and improve concentration is a trending topic among the youth. But I do not prefer any discussion which could not help anyone to learn and evolve from his/her initial state. I am sorry to say that but most of the discussions that I see today going on among people are just discussing and not search of reality as they should be.

Before I try to explain intricacies related with the topic I again would like to remind you that for achieving anything you will have to work and apply effort. This blog can just show you the direction in which you such dissipate your energy.

Now, let’s begin understanding the term concentration. Simply, if I try to go a little technical, concentration of a mixture of some components with respect to a particular component is the amount of that particular component as compared to the amount of the whole mixture. Means, if I have a mixture of 20gm of sugar and 5gm of salt, we say the concentration of sugar is more as its amount a…

Basics About Yoga

For spiritual progress we need to practice continuously and incessantly. But what kind of practice helps us to progress in spiritual realm.

The destination of the soul is the Lord Himself. The Goal of life is to attain Union with the Divine. Also for this state, for achieving the state you need to become like the Lord in terms of purity, love, peacefulness etc. Of course, this can only be achieved by the help of the Lord Himself but the God only helps those who help themselves.

So, we need to take honest initiative, we need to practice and just practice without worrying of the success or failure. A state similar to the state of the Master can be achieved by working on us with full control, control of mind, intellect, sense organs and body. The technique of achieving control over ones internal and external nature is known as Yoga.

Yoga means union which represents its goal as the Merging with the Lord. There are many different forms of Yoga popular today. These forms have originated f…

Practice And Knowledge

Why do I emphasize so much on practice? All of you have heard that practice makes a man perfect but did not take it seriously because you find no body perfect.

Well, you do not find anyone perfect does not mean that perfection does not exist. Even you can experience perfection around you in the form of nature. Is this nature, this universe, the cosmos not perfect? Everything is related with all other things. Every smallest thing as well as the largest one has their own importance and significance. If this creation, this cosmos is so perfect, think of the perfection of the Creator, the God Himself.

Even if I consider another point of view that nobody is perfect, I will say at least you can get nearer to perfection. For success in any field you will have to practice.

Some people break piles of concrete slabs in a single blow, what you and I cannot even dare to try. This is just because the difference in practice.

If you are able to exercise, practise and live certain ideas, few great i…

Control Your Mind With Meditation

The biggest question seems to be related to mind control. Many do not even think of mind as something conquerable. They say that it is impossible to control the mind. But the fact is that for even smallest achievement in life you need to have some control over your mind.

Mind is like wind as Arjuna has compared it in Bhagavadagītā. Mind keeps on moving from one point of its interest to the other. Mind has this tendency and it does not rest for a second. This is the reason why Arjuna tells in Bhagavadagītā that controlling mind is even tougher than controlling wind. But the Lord Śri Kṛṣṇa Himself declares that it is possible to control this naughty mind.

As the mind does its work continuously, even when you sleep, its activities are conceived as dreams. So, it keeps on working every time. For controlling the mind also one need to put continuous effort without thinking of how long he needs to apply the effort.

Your mind is your biggest enemy as well as your biggest friend. When you do …

Time Management

Time management had always been an area of unending discussion for me.

Management is very important for any limited resource. Everything we have in limited amount has to be managed properly to produce best results out of the stock. For example, our fossil fuels need to have their consumption managed properly to ensure its longer availability. Similarly, our invaluable limited resource of time must also be managed properly for bright future.

There are many who do not think of time as limited. They think that if the work has not been completed today it will be done tomorrow and start the work. At the end of the day they find that the work is incomplete. So, they have a different mentality and that is another area of discussion. If you do not think time to be limited, you cannot think of time management ever.

Those who are not concerned with the time management in their life, face many difficulties, such as excessive work load.

Whatever problem you face in this way of time management is…

Work To Discover Your True Self

You keep on expressing your weakness when you are not.

It is just because you do not know yourself. You even require to work, to make your future better or to reduce your work load.

Computer helps a lot today but that too was created by men.

So once you discover yourself, your true nature, your true potential, you are equipped with a very powerful tool to solve your other problems.

But of course you need to put some effort to discover your real self.

This is your exam. It is up to you to decide whether you want to succeed or fail. Success brings happiness not the failure.

Practise Practice

The life is not the name of finding out reasons for failures to show weakness and in capabilities. This cannot be the path to Him.

We must be quite determined and confident of our abilities. I can even lift the mountain; such should be our confidence and determination.

But, it is not possible for those who cannot even sit for an hour. Practice is the key to success. Everyone understands this but no one practises it.

Even if you are the worst person of this planet you can become the best by practice.

Practise and do not even think of the effect of practice as told in Bhagavadgītā. This is the only way to the goal.

Your Choice Between Conscious Life Or Unconscious Death

Be conscious all the time. Being conscious means having proper knowledge and using that knowledge. Unconsciousness produces unwanted effects. Always be aware that you are a soul and are not affected by anything. Always remember that everything you do must be for the sake of good of the world. Never forget your goal of life. Never come in front of anyone when you are not conscious. Unconsciousness may be the result of excessive attachment, sleep, addiction, anger etc. Please avoid these things as far as possible. Sleep is necessary for the body during the sleep you remain unconscious. Don’t interact with anyone when you feel sleepy. Don’t speak anything when you are unconscious. When you are unconscious your samskāras drive you. You are in the period of development. You have lot of samskāras yet. Either you do what has been said above or you clean your samskāras (impression) as soon as possible. Till you become free from samskāras you must force yourself into conscious mood always.

Speak What You Follow And Follow What You Speak

Speaking is not bad. In fact, it is a boon to us, which helps us communicate so easily. But it is a boon only till it is truthful. If it is not truthful, if you do not speak truth, your words fall as curse on the society, your listeners.

I mean to say that one should speak only those things that he/she has experienced and found right. If you have not tried something, you must give detail about where have you received the idea from? When you do not give reference then the listeners conceives the idea as your discovery and all the responsibility of his/her success or failure fall upon you. When you give reference, you force the listeners to use their intellect to check the applicability and rationality of the idea, with an unsaid declaration that you have not tried it.

I just want you to speak what you follow and follow what you speak. I have met people who can speak so nicely that you will be completely blown away but they do not want to be asked whether they themselves follow the sam…

How To Bring Eternal Bliss Into Your Life? Part 6, Free Your Mind From Impressions

Continued from How To Bring Eternal Bliss Into Your Life? Part 5, Recognize Your Attachments

Your mind only thinks about those things which hold excess importance or interaction in your life.

For example, if you keep on hearing some song continuously for hours, you will find yourself connected with that song even if that song is put off. May be singing or enjoying inside your mind. Whatever way but you find yourself indulged into it. This is what I call attachment.

You cannot see the world as it is through your colored glasses. For rising above sorrow and happiness, for achieving the state of eternal bliss, you need to make your mind free from attachments, free from impressions.

For this you need to work without selfish motive, for the sake of work, as a duty. This does not bring attachment.

Much more can be said but I close this series here with the assurance that I will be back with more interesting and important topics.

Thank you very much.

How To Bring Eternal Bliss Into Your Life? Part 5, Recognize Your Attachments

Continues from How To Bring Eternal Bliss Into Your Life? Part 4, Understand Your Mind And System
Whatever you do have impressions on your mind and using these impressions mid continues to produce thoughts including desires, wishes and expectations.

But you do not need to stop working and retire from all your duties in order to stop the formation of impressions.

Let me tell you more about the formation of these impressions. Impressions are only accumulated for activities in which we have a particular level of attachment or more. Deeper the attachment with something, stronger remains its impression.

The attachment of which I am talking is of mental and emotional kind.

In order to prevent the formation of impressions on you, you must perform all your activities as duties. Duties that you have to perform, you enjoy to perform and duties that are not going to fulfill any of your desire.

This brings a state of detached attachment or renunciation which is beyond attachment or detachment.


How To Bring Eternal Bliss Into Your Life? Part 4, Understand Your Mind And System

Continues from How To Bring Eternal Happiness Into Your Life? Part 3, Tame Your Mind And Desire

But the question is how to tame this mind. In Bhagavadgītā, the Arjuna asks Śrī Kṛṣṇa, that he finds controlling mind even tougher than controlling air. Yes, of course controlling mind is tough.

In order to control mind you need to understand some basic things about how the mind functions. Our mind makes all decisions based on the inputs we feed into our system. It is just like if you put 1000 apples and 600 oranges before someone, there is more probability of him picking up an apple. Similarly, whether your mind thinks in the right way or not depends upon the concentration of right or wrong things you have fed inside your system so far. As you sow, so you reap.

Your mind produces desires based on the level of attachment you have with something. You cannot expect yourself taking a right decision when you have never fed anything right into your mind.

By inputs or feed of mind, I refer to im…

How To Bring Eternal Happiness Into Your Life? Part 3, Tame Your Mind And Desire

Desires are the cause of our sufferings said Gautam Buddha.

Some say that without desire you cannot progress in life. All the inventions you see around you today are the outcomes of desire of someone.

But it is not so. Inventions are the outcomes of wants or needs not desires or wishes. Do not you have any desire but are you able to device some means that could fulfill such desire of people. Everyone has desire but everyone is not an inventor.

Desires only bring sorrow. You desire or expect your colleagues to behave with you in a special fashion and get upset on not finding them acting in the way you wish. You wish your dress to be praised by everyone in the party and are annoyed if no one notices it. These useless desires bring much stress to your mind daily.

What is required is to tune the mind not to give rise to more desires and to stop the tendency of mind to run hither and thither.

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How To Bring Happiness Into Your Life? Part 2, Means Of Achieving Eternal Happiness

Everyone is seeking for eternal happiness.

Eternal happiness cannot be achieved by any external means since external means are transitory.

Happiness is not triggered by any external means it originates from inside.

A chocolate cake can make one happy but not every other.

Simply, happiness comes from inside with the feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

Satisfaction of needs is good, but today everyone is trying to satisfy his/her desire, which is impossible and wrong.

Desires will never end by satisfaction it will generate another instead.

Our needs must be satisfied whether they are associated with the body, mind or soul.

So, eternal happiness can be achieved only by removing our desires.

But this again is not an easy task.

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How To Bring Happiness To Your Life? Part 1

Today everyone is busy, though in passing time uselessly. But they are busy and they also like themselves to be called busy.

Being busy is not bad. But remaining busy without understanding all of your needs and duties, just with something that you think is good, just because it fulfills a part of your desire, is bad.

People are running behind money. I agree that money is important for living a happy life. But if it doesn’t bring happiness to you, you must think about your decision.

You see, life is constituted by a large number of factors. For a happy life, you need to recognize all, at least all major factors.

One thing that is quite clear is that everyone wants to be happy. But, happiness always brings sorrow with it. Let’s call them the two different aspects of the same coin. You may see one at a time but both exist.

Same is true for sorrow even, but who care. No one wants sorrow.

Everyone is looking for happiness of the kind that lasts forever. For those who do not believe on reb…

Quotations of Swami Vivekananda Explaining God, Religion, Mind, Soul and Much More

• To succeed, you must have tremendous perseverance, tremendous will. “I will drink the ocean”, says the persevering soul; “at my will mountains will crumble up”. Have that sort of energy, that sort of will; work hard, and you will reach the goal.

• Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.

• It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to rise in response to the warm and cordial welcome which you have given us. I thank you in name of the most ancient order of monks in the world; I thank you in the name of the mother of religions; and I thank you in the name of millions and millions of Hindu people of all classes and sects.

• My thanks also to some of the speakers on this platform who, referring to the delegates from the Orient, have told you that these men from far-off nations may well claim the honor of bearing to different lands the idea of toleration.

• I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. We believe not only i…