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The Essence Of Spirituality

Spirituality is the essence of life. Spirituality brings to us the real picture of the life. Spirituality introduces us to our reality. Spirituality is the science of spirit.
By the term of spirit, people generally conceive of ghost. Soul is a bigger realm of which ghost is just a part. We too are spirits. The only difference between us and ghosts is because of the type of body we possess. This is getting profound. Today the meanings of the words have been lost, because of ignorance. People make the words or explain them to other in the way they understand without bothering of the real meaning.
We are souls. A very easy explanation to this statement can be the ultimate reality of life i.e., death. Many believe that life is just the result of combination of certain compounds but if it were true then the death cannot be explained. What does a person loose at the time of death to get transformed into a dead body? Of course, nothing material, it is we ourselves. It might be a little tric…

Quest For Knowledge

Quest for knowledge does not end till we feel enough and we feel enough only if we know it is enough for the purpose. We know it enough for the purpose only when the purpose is achieved. And the purpose is achieved only when the time comes. So, when further knowledge does not seem useful, we must keep patience and wait for the appropriate time. Before it unnecessary loads of knowledge will not do.