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What is work? Let me make it simple, what should be our work?
There has been a lot of debate on what should be done or not? Many think that everything should be done and tried in this life. They also sometimes call it “enjoying the life”. Some think nothing is worth doing and hence try to escape works. Some are idle enough to think about doing anything. Some do some works as they have been seeing their parents and forefathers doing it.
But, yet what should be done and what should not be done, question yet lies unsolved.
It is very important to discriminate among the activities as they not only require effort but also create impact on the doer and the medium and also on the surroundings.
We should work for the good of the society, the nature, the world and our real Self. We should work for the sake of work. We should work for mentioning our presence. We should work to make our existence meaningful.
We should not work for the sake of selfishness. We should not work for imitation. We sho…


Meditation is the most important and helpful spiritual practice. Meditation literally means deep thinking. But, on deeper study of the subject one can find that the literal meaning is just a single aspect of meditation. It will be explained in the later section of this article.
Meditation has always been a topic of constant discussion due to its reported benefits. It truly helps a person to progress both in physical as well as spiritual worlds by increasing the control over the mind and hence desires. Some of the worth mentioning benefits of meditation are:
Increases concentration: It is said that meditation is the advanced state of a concentrated mind, which is true. But, if the practitioner does not have good concentration, in that case too, meditation aids for the development of the concentration. Hence we can say that meditation help to meditate.
Enhances the peacefulness of mind: Meditation generally, develops a sense of disinterest towards worldly things (if the object is chose…